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سورس اپليكيشن  وب ويو  IOS – Gold

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IOS Web View

خروجي اين سورس قابل استفاده براي تمامي سايت هاي اينترنتي با هر نوع موضوع ،‌ محتوي  و قابليت مي باشد

WebViewGold for iOS – WebView URL/HTML to iOS app + Push, URL Handling, APIs & much more!

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WebViewGold for iOS – WebView URL/HTML to iOS app + Push, URL Handling, APIs & much more! - 4

Optimized for exceptional performance (up to 2x faster than UIWebView apps)

Full iOS App Template – no coding required

100% ready for iOS 13 & iPadOS 13, Swift 5, and Xcode 11

Universal App Design: Optimized for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad lineups

Easy: Just define your current web app address/URL (or your local HTML folder), and WebViewGold takes care of the rest!

Native Loading Spinner/iOS Activity Indicator while loading your web app

Display a Splash Screen until the first page was loaded completely

Native Offline Screen with “Try again” button if your app is offline

File Uploads & Geolocation support

HTML 5 Audio supported – even if your app is in background mode

Define which URLs should be opened in Safari instead of your app (for external links, e.g., Facebook/Twitter)

Custom Status Bar Color Design

iOS Dark Mode: Load a different, optional URL if activated

Define customized, separated User-Agents for iPhone and iPad devices

Downloader for PDF, ePub, Wallet, Documents, and Music Files (using “Open with” dialog)

Image Saving API (save images directly to Photos app)

Native JavaScript Dialogs like alert(), confirm() and prompt()

Optional Tab Functionality with additional In-App-Browser (by calling top.location or top.location.href links)

Print documents: Just link to a .pdf file and iOS will offer the AirPrint option in “Open with…“ dialog

In-App Purchases & In-App Subscriptions API

Native Sharing Dialog API

“Reset the app” API (clear cookies and cache of your user via link)

First Run Dialog (e.g. “Thanks for downloading this app!”)

In-App App Store Rating Dialog

“Follow on Facebook” Dialog

Smart Performance Cache Mechanism

Push Notifications via JavaScript, Firebase, or OneSignal with URL Deeplinking

AdMob Banner & AdMob Full-Screen Interstitial Ads can be activated

Universal Links (possibility to easily configure a link scheme like webviewgold:// which can be triggered from Mail app, Safari app, … and opens the attached link in the WebView app)

Define custom CSS classes (that will be injected into your web app code while loading in the app built with WebViewGold)

Your app built with WebViewGold will save all cookies (including login session cookies) until they expire (this is defined by your server/your site)

All kinds of web apps/websites supported (including HTML, PHP, WordPress, Progressive Web Apps, HTML 5 Games, …)

Free support + free updates

…and much more!

WebViewGold for iOS – WebView URL/HTML to iOS app + Push, URL Handling, APIs & much more! - 5
What’s new in the latest update?
Please check the changelog here.

Will Apple approve this app for the App Store?
Yes, WebViewGold comes with an App Store approval guarantee. Take a look at our example apps. However, make sure that your app content does not contradict the legal requirements of the Apple App Store. If Apple rejects your app, we can offer you a full refund of the WebViewGold license (by claiming within 14 days after purchase). Feel free to send all the details to support@onlineappcreator.com – we are 100% here to help you!

How will push notifications work?
You can insert a piece of JavaScript code on your website to define a push notification that can be delivered after your app was closed (while scheduling it during the app is open). This procedure works without OneSignal configuration at all. If you want to use further remote push notification functionality with OneSignal in your app, the backend OneSignal.com will be your place to send notifications to your users. The OneSignal Push platform is already included and can be activated quickly.

What version of Xcode is required?
The the latest version of the Xcode app (running on your own Mac or on MacInCloud) is needed. No coding knowledge required.

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